Vape Shops – The Online Smoke Shop for Potheads

Ever been to one of those smoke shops that sell everything from bongs to pipes and all different flavors of rolling paper? It’s almost like pothead heaven in there and I personally find myself spending more time than I would intend to spend in there. In NYC, I would find myself in local smoke shops in Greenwich Village and St. Mark’s Place and I get drawn into many of the different smoke shops in the area.

smoke shop nyc

Since about a year ago though, I have switched over to using the dry herb vaporizer, one of the products that I’ve mentioned in one of my earlier posts. The reason why is because that means I don’t have to constantly be buying rolling paper and lighters. Occasionally I do enjoy a flavored wrap, but ultimately, it’s just about smoking my herbs and the flavor of the MJ is one that I prefer. Rather than shopping in stores for everything I need, I started Googling where I can purchase discount herbal vape pens online. For the price of one Atmos Raw in stores, I would be able to buy both the Snoop Dogg G Pen and the Atmos RX online and most of the time, shipping is free.

snoop dogg micro g dry herb vaporizer

One of my favorite stores is, they offer a variety of goodies at a low price. They have dab vaporizers and the dry herb vapes at discounted prices. The reason why I think most online stores are able to sell their products for significantly cheaper is because of the lower overhead cost of not having to pay rent for a storefront. Well, whatever it is, if it saves me money, I’m happy. Something else that you may find interesting are electronic hookah pens. They don’t serve any real purpose aside from fun and flavor of using. They don’t contain any nicotine, making them not a viable cigarette alternative. However, the upside of that is that you can use them even if you are not a smoker.

There are plenty of online vape stores. It used to be that you can buy these products off of eBay, but their policies have changed since then and they no longer allow the sale of dry herb vaporizer pens.

Dabbing – Getting Higher with THC Concentrate

dabbing thc concentrate

There are other ways to get high from THC aside from smoking the cannabis plant. The other way is called dabbing and way less mainstream. It’s less mainstream because people don’t know where to get dab and most dealers don’t sell dab. If you knew that creating your own dab at home, you might be tempted to try it yourself. However, in order for you to smoke dab, you will need a dab vaporizer such as the Atmos Jewel or else you won’t be able to smoke it.

This is how you make dab at home. You will need some weed, we usually do it with an eighth to get a good amount of dab. You will need parchment paper, the exact same one that you use for baking. Most people don’t bake so I don’t expect you have this at home, but for the purpose of making your own dab, get some. They’re inexpensive and you will find many uses for it aside from making dabs. Like perhaps baking a cake so you can eat it when you’re high. You will need a clothing iron (everybody SHOULD have this), curling irons work too.

curling iron making dab

You place the nugget atop the parchment paper and then you fold the paper. So that both the top and the bottom sides of the weed are covered by parchment. You then wait for your iron to heat up and then press the parchment paper where the nugget is located. You will need to hold it down for several seconds on each side and press it down hard. Within a minute you will see some golden sticky liquid on your parchment paper.

You can then discard the weed because all the components that make it make you high should now be outside of the plant. You take and keep the dab of course and put it into a small container. When you purchase a dab vaporizer such as the Atmos Jewel, it usually comes with a small rod for you to handle and the dab. You scoop some dab, put it into your vaporizer and smoke it the same way you would do with a dry herb vaporizer. However, with much less dab you would get much higher. That means use the dab sparingly, because it is very potent and is a high concentrated THC compound.

People dab because they experience a different and a higher high from it. It also hits you much quicker and in most cases will last you much longer.

Tips from a Daily Pot Smoker

Are there any tips from a daily smoker to another very frequent smoker? Of course there are. There are a ton of tips and once of which includes the dry herb vaporizer. The dry herb vaporizer sounds extremely fancy and is still sort of new on the market. I’ve only been introduced to this wonderous little tool about a year ago.

If there were a marijuana smoking accessory that does it all and is affordable, that’s the dry herb vape pen. There are several notable brands for this product including Atmos Raw, G Pen, PAX, and others. I personally prefer the Atmos RX herbal vaporizer over the others because of it’s quality and design.

pax dry herb vaporizer

When I say this tool does it all, it literally does everything except buying the weed and grinding it for you. So it is important for you to have a stainless steel grinder handy to make your life even easier than it already is. To put it simply, you just put the weed into the pen, and press a button and the weed starts burning from within the pen (for as long as you hold onto the button), and you inhale from the tip. Once you let go of the button, the weed stops burning and you can continue to smoke later or take a few second break before the next person ciphs.

If you can’t imagine how this little tool makes smoking so much easier, you need to reimagine! No more rolling blunts! Sure, some people love rolling their own blunts and to some it’s even an art. Some people are just way too traditional and like the old school ways of doing things, but since when were we a generation that’s not open to change? The rolling aspect is of the highest importance to me personally because I suck at rolling weed. Sometimes they’re too loose, sometimes they’re way too tight, sometimes they’re crooked, sometimes too wet, sometimes they don’t work, and so much more. On top of all that, most of the time it takes me over 15 minutes to roll a blunt.

atmos raw dry herb vaporizer

With the Atmos dry herb vaporizer, I also don’t need lighters anymore (yay!). I can light without trying to light something in between my jacket.

So this is the top tip of the week and more will be coming soon. If you’re wondering whether these things are expensive, you can get them for about $60, or however much, but regardless it costs less than $100.

Smoking Weed Helps You Sleep?

smoking weed helps you sleep

I’m sure you have heard of this many times and I know I’ve heard it countless times. A girl I used to date used to say that all the time, I need to smoke some weed as it helps to fall asleep. That doesn’t work all the time, why? That is because, as I’ve mentioned, different breeds of marijuana do different things.

When you buy weed from a drug dealer, you can never be too sure of what it is. You just know that it’s weed and that it’s supposed to get you high. In worst case scenarios, the weed is even laced with other drugs that gives you a completely different high than anticipated.

The strain of cannabis that helps you sleep better at night is the indica strain, which as I’ve mentioned is also for pain relief. It’s the one that makes you calm and lazy. Sometimes drug dealers don’t even know what they’re giving you, and they just have some fancy name for you like the “Happy Yellow Truck” or something. So unfortunately, you can’t look at a directory and find out which drug dealer has what. You will just have to try each guy out and see what you get from each one. Different batches even if they’re called the same thing could be completely different strains and mixes. The same dealer could carry different batches from week to week.

If you really needed something to help you sleep, rather than running wild looking for the perfect batch of weed through town, just get some sleeping aid from the pharmacy. Sleeping aid is NOT sleeping pills and doesn’t make you magically fall asleep but it does help. Chamomile tea is also known to help.

sativa vs indica cannabis

Weed is meant to be fun, so rather than looking for the ones that make us tired and lazy, we should shoot for the sativa strain which makes us energetic! It helps us to focus, makes us want to do things, and makes us more fun.

Our Favorite Side Effects of Marijuana

Are all side effects bad? Not always! Did you know that the indica strain of the cannabis plant has higher CBD levels than THC levels thus making it a drug that gives a calming and relieving effect? Most of the medical marijuana that you will see will be predominantly this strain of marijuana. The indica strain is used for pain relief, anxiety relief, and other uses.

For those of us who use marijuana recreationally, if you end up feeling lazy after you smoke, that is because the bud you smoked is mostly indica.

We love it when we have the munchies. Munchies are great, everything just tastes so good even if they’re normally not that great. So far corn based chips are bomb when you’re high, such as Fritos, Doritos, and tortilla chips. If you have a creamy dip, even better.


However something that some people worry about is that if they eat so much junk while they’re high, they’re going to lead an unhealthy lifestyle and gain weight. Well, if you excercise regulary (which you’re supposed to do anyway), you probably won’t have to worry so much about health issues. We gym at least 3 times a week, and sometimes more when the weather is nice out.

Another bad thing about eating too much junk when you have the munchies is the (sometimes) after effects of it. You might be sitting on the toilet for a very long time due to this. My stomach is a bit more sensitive than others, so I go through this quite often.

Different strains of weeds including all the different hyrbids that there are in the world, have different effects. I once smoked some weed that made me feel like I could feel my bones. It was a very weird and otherwise indescribable experience. I’ve also had a strain that made me see everything in green. Well, you get the gyst of it. It’s hard to pin down which strain does exactly what because of the evolution through breeding the plants.

Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

can you overdose on weed?

A lot of people often wonder if they can overdose on marijuana like you can overdose on over the counter medicine and almost any other drug. The simple answer is “no”. You cannot overdose on weed.

Smoking weed affects a different part of your body than most other drugs do, and that is the brain. Will your brain shut down if you’ve smoked too much? No, your senses may be impaired and you might have slower reactions, but ultimately no. As long as the respiratory part of the brain is not affected, you are fine. Weed will not affect your respiratory system, aside from choking or coughing.

Just because you don’t die from smoking too much weed (naturally) doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke too much weed. If you smoke too much weed, there will be side effects including paranoia and a bunch of other things, none of which are life threatening. Unless you’re smoking weed while sitting on a cliff or atop a bridge. I must say that marijuana is one of the safest drugs that you can use, as long as you’re not driving or doing anything dangerous when high.

effects of thc

Smoking weed is not a bad thing and doesn’t do you much harm especially if you’re over the age of 25. After you’re 25, it can no longer stunt your growth because you’re done growing!

As a teenager, I used to get high prior to getting to class and I was able to focus a lot better. I still the same for work sometimes. Does all weed help you focus? Not necessarily. There are some strains that will make you lazy and want to do nothing but lay down and stare at something. The uplifting version is known as the sativa strain. Of course you can’t just ask your dealer whether they have sativa (unless they do have it). Most street drugs are hybrids.